The order, payment, delivery

To make the order easy. Send a letter to a free-form, indicating what goods, in what quantity and (or) the amount you want to buy.
Contact us via email if you want to make an order.
Order processing, depending on the workload of the store can take up to 2-3 working days. Please be patient.
Provisions for materials we do not accept - congestion store is so great that to keep a separate list of reservists and lead double counting of goods there is no way. Therefore, it is best to make the payment immediately after confirmation of availability.

Everyone has the right to work in conditions that meet safety and hygiene requirements, to remuneration for labor without any discrimination and not below the statutory minimum wage and the right to protection against unemployment.
Article 37 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation
1) Savings. The main and the most preferred payment method of my work is to transfer to the card of the Savings Bank. Card number to be translated - 4276 8100 1543 4492
PLEASE - when transferring money to Sberbank ONLINE LEAVE comment field for translation is empty!
Transfer money money only to a specified number and no other. If you received a letter from an address that looks like ours, with an offer of any materials and other card number - a "hello" from fraudsters. We never send out such a proposal - initiated purchase from us is always the customer.
Transferring money is easiest via ATM with your card Savings Bank, or by using "Sberbank Online" - it takes just a few minutes and payment takes place almost instantaneously.
If you have no cards Savings Bank - most of the other banks make it possible to transfer to the card in its details, with as a rule it is enough just the card number of the recipient.
If you do not have online banking - you can use the service default portal to transfer money between cards of any bank (except for Alfa-Bank).
Finally, transfer to Sberbank card can be drawn from any branch of the Savings Bank through teller - in this case the money can go from a few hours to days.
2) Payment Systems. You can also transfer money in any commercial bank operating systems, "Contact", "Unistream", "Golden Crown", etc. Such transfers are reliable, it can be Implemented in the bank, which is closer to you (see the. List of banks on the sites of payment systems), a small percentage of the transfer. To convert often need to know only the name and city of the Beneficiary - the data you receive during the order process.
3) In the most extreme and difficult cases, we'll try to come up with an alternative method (Western Union, money transfer on the phone, etc.). Contact us at e-mail.

1. Delivery of small parcels made departures "Russian Post".
Shipping cost is small (500-800 gr.) Parcels in Russia - about 200-300 rubles regardless of the destination. To calculate the value you can use this calculator here.
Parcels tracked (have tracking). Delivery of the Russian Federation takes an average of 1-2 weeks.
With cash on delivery we are not working.
2. Express service (select the most appropriate - for example, the Russian courier service, Pony Express) freight collect (money given to the courier delivery). Suitable for both small and for large parcels. The speed and cost of delivery compared to nearly significantly increased. Delivery of your city by courier at work (it is advisable to specify when ordering business address). In Moscow, courier delivery may be difficult because of traffic jams, the possibility of failure of delivery time in the capital is higher than in other cities.
3. Transport companies: Business line Zheldorekspeditsiya. The most economical method of delivery of large / heavy loads. And we have the majority - Orders less than 1-2 kg. are rare.
The speed of delivery TC good, and in some cases, can be compared with couriers. The price tag depends on the distance and medium-sized cargo starts from 370-400 rubles. Delivery can be carried out to the warehouse in your city or near the district center (pick up a parcel from a warehouse will have their own), or order the delivery of the city (much more expensive). Warning - delivery "Auto" is not made due to a sharp drop in the quality of services in the company (the timing of their delivery in some cases exceed those of "Mail of Russia").

4. Shipment is from the city of Vladimir. Due to the very heavy workload shop orders are shipped in stages within 3-5 business days after payment. Transport company will send the accumulation of orders. Be sure to consider this, if you urgently need materials - in this case, better to choose a courier. Pickup we do not shop only works remotely.
Gene and not hide if you do something from us?
The most frequent question we ask, goes something like this: "You wrote on his website that the CPM 3V has a thickness of 4 mm., In connection with what is interesting to me - and whether you have accidentally pink bicycle pumps with integrated GLONASS navigation? ".
Every third or fourth customer asks about something that is not on the site. And sometimes a completely unexpected things, but mostly I suspect are asking that the site marked as "temporarily unavailable" and write - "And exactly this is not?".
In this regard, I want to make a special emphasis on the fact that all the goods specified here, the site of the sub-floor, we do not sell anything, and anything else we have. We sell exactly the material that is listed, and it is in this size. Cutting to the desired size can be produced only in a big way, ie If you have 2 sets of plates kirinita 40h120 mm, we can cut you a plate of 160x120 mm. But not vice versa - ie plate G10 150h300 not cut into small dice.
If you need something that does not exist "on the counter" - it can be brought under the order, but because of the peculiarities of pricing of postal services profitable to book a relatively large batch of goods (put simply, from 10 kg. And above). If you need steel plate only on a small knife - and you can bring it, but the price you are unlikely to please.
In any case, if in doubt - consult, talk!