Information about the shop

My name is Gennady, I sell materials for the manufacture of knives.
Our shop was formally founded by Michael (DrWinter) in 2009 for the supply of materials to large manufacturers of knives. From time to time Michael and carbon steel supplied private masters, but the main forces went on his nozhedelie.
In 2013 I started to moved to a permanent job in our shop, enabling it to open to the public.
We do not aspire to become the biggest and richest online magazinom.Nasha goal - low rates, Shirk range and impeccable service.
We do not collect people with the makings of a vague term to bring supplies "to order" - one month, two months - and eventually a slightly different price because the dollar has changed.
We sell from stock and deliver goods around the world.
In contrast to the "home" companies, whose assets have: quirky wheeler-dealer - 1 piece, English Dictionary - 1 pc, computer goods orders in foreign online stores and their subsequent resale speculative compatriots - one thing, and gazebo for storage all this stuff - one thing, we are the official (and in some cases - exclusive) representative of major foreign companies producing cutlery materilov for the world, which allows us to keep the price at a level that others can not, and the presence of its own warehouses and a small (yet that) State employees enables us to maintain a significant stock of merchandise and fulfill even very large orders.
Some goods produced in the US, we sold cheaper than in the United States.
Our policy of retaining the minimum prices mean that discounts for wholesale, we unfortunately can not provide. Prices are equally low for all.
Unlike other vendors we react to exchange rates and lower the cost of the goods by a special factor (see. Above right), but do not use, as some, the fact that the dollar when it was 90 rubles and under this sauce can sell items at exorbitant prices only to "cut the dough."

Our shop - specialized enterprise. Unlike the vast majority of our colleagues, we do not sell ready-made knives, whistles, tents, axes and souvenirs for "survivalist". Knife materials for us - not passing, and the basic goods. We deal exclusively blade materials and thus do their work at unattainable for other stores professional level. Where do you go to buy groceries - in a grocery store, a supermarket, the market? Or at the post office in Russia, traded, among other things, preserves, calendars, soap and batteries?
Our site is not placed on the "Shop the engine." There are no trivial baskets peypalov and pimply managers sitting in the ICQ. Here everything is made comfortable and at home. Callous dragging items to cart here prefer personal contact with the client. Exactly how to communicate better - this look under ZOD.
If you are here for the first time - do not rush, look around.
You'll like it.

I have a reputation of impeccable supplier for the acquisition of which I spent a lot of energy.
And most importantly - I've got you. Perhaps my future buyer.
I treat each client as a friend, ready for him to work seven days a week, to help, to do a photo on request, to dispel doubts and forgiving. :) I'd love to have the same friendly attitude.

So if you need a knife interesting materials and you want to find a new friend in this unique area as nozhedelie - contact.
If you doubt me, or vice versa want to say a few words about me - you can do it here, at the largest arms portal countries.
I'll be glad to help.
Always yours,

- Gene